SQ21: Errata and Additional Footnotes

Friday, August 25, 2006

In spite of checking back with our interviewees, proofreading, and editing, a few errata remain in our publication.

Errors of fact

p97: The breakup did not happen in Sec 3, but during tertiary education. The second paragraph should begin as follows.

It lasted six years. One day in ITE he told me he wanted to say something.

p128: The footnote should read as follows.

Miss Ninja: The tradition of comedic drag at army parties is not uncommon in Singapore and here was definitely not conducted as a personal gay attack.

Errors of grammar and syntax

Coming soon. But bear in mind; we're not advocating for Queen's English - we're trying to reflect something of the way Singaporeans actually speak.

Additional Footnotes

Coming soon. We're starting to feel we should have included more footnotes to explain language used primarily within Singapore or within the gay community. They'll be included in the next edition if we sell out. ;)